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GIL HARUSH (1989) 

French - Israeli choreographer and a psychotherapist.

2019-Currently > Harush is based in the Basque Country, Spain, where his dance studio and therapy clinic are located. In the local cultural scene, Harush regularly collaborates with the DANTZAZ dance company (SAL, 2021 l FOMO, 2022), KUKAI dance company and the Victoria Eugenia Theater.


Harush was born and raised in Israel. He received his dance education at Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts (2007), Tel Aviv, and at the Rotterdam Dance Academy (2010), Holland, where he created his first dance works as a choreographer.


Between the years 2010-2017 > Harush directed his own dance and performance ensemble, Gil Harush & Family. With his ensemble, he presented premieres at the most important dance events of Israel: Shades of Dance Festival, 2011, Other Dance Festival, 2012, Curtain Up Festival, 2013, International Exposure, 2016. 


  • 2010: Israeli Union of Performing Arts award.


  • 2014: Winner of the Grand Prix, 1st prize, “Synodales” - international contemporary dance competition, Sans, France.


Milestone events that constructed international career >


  • 2012: The International Celebrations of 25 years of relations between Israel and Ukraine, Kiev (Presented: “Good Enough Parents”).


  • 2013: The Contemporary Dance Week, La Mama Theater, Broadway - New York (Presented: “White Wash”)


  • 2014: 50 Years Gala of the Ballet Provincial, San Luis, Mexico (Presented: “DEADY.CATE”)


  • 2015: "Open Look” International Dance Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia: Harush has been selected as the most influencing guest creator and teacher and presented the world premiere of his creation “Perfect Pet”, at the Alexandrinsky Theater. 


Therapy > In 2017 Harush completed his psychotherapy studies: Corporal Psychotherapist, approved by the International London School of Bio-dynamic Psychotherapy and the International Academy of Complementary and Integrative Medicine Reidman, Tel-Aviv. Specialization: Oncology. Practice:  Oncology department of the Beilinson Hospital, Israel.


Beyond the professional work as a therapist, the main purpose and motivation of Harush is to investigate the connection between the world of art and performance and the world of therapy. In his work as a creator and a director, Harush seeks to awaken awareness. Self and social awareness.


2017-2019 >  Geneva, Switzerland: Coordinator, the Area Young Ballet, Geneva.


2018-Currently > Choreographer at the Ballet de l'Opéra National du Rhin, Strasbourg Opera:


  • 2018:  “The Heart of My Heart”, Nominated for the “Best Creation Award” 2018, by the association of the critics, France.


  • 2020: "Yours, Virginia" (90min), danced by the whole ballet and played by the Symphonic Orchestra of Mulhouse.


  • 2021: “Mirrors” (25min), A collaboration between the Ballet de l'Opéra National du Rhin, the Strasbourg Orchestra and the Strasbourg Museum.

2022: World premiere of “don’t look at the jar” (50min) - Ballet am Rhein, Dusseldorf, Germany. 

Last premiere: SERENADE 

January 13 2024, Strasbourg Opera House, Ballet de l’Opera National du Rhin.



2024 “SERENADE” - Ballet of the National Opera du Rhin, France (40 min)

2022 “don't look at the jar” - Ballet am Rhein, Dusseldorf (50 min)

2022 “FOMO” - Dantzaz Dance Company, Basque Country (15 min)

2021 “SAL / GESALA” - Dantzaz Dance Company, Basque Country (15 / 30 min)

2020 “Yours, Virginia” - Ballet of the National Opera du Rhin, France (90 min)

2019 “KISS&FLY” - Area Jeune Ballet, Switzerland (15 min)

2018 “The Heart of My Heart” - Ballet of the National Opera du Rhin, France (45 min)

2016­ “GARDEN ­ A Dance Trilogy” - Suzanne Dellal Center ­ Tel Aviv (50 min)

2015­ “Perfect.Pet” - Alexandrinsky Theater, St. Petersburg, Russia (50 min)

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