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The heart of my heart

2018 | Ballet of the National
Opera du Rhin, Strasbourg, France.

It is as if we attempt to pass through an unbreakable wall, trying to fracture it, melt it, work it, challenge it, seduce it, flirt with it, tell it words of love and then... oh yes, to cover it. More than anything else we try cover the heart of our heart, that black small hole, where we keep all the things we miss and all the memories we wish to forget. But this hole, will never be covered. It will pulse on your wedding day, and on the birth of your first child and it was there already in childhood when you were expected to be only smiling. So giving up, it seems, would be the best thing to DO, but the most uncomfortable place to BE. At least, I will understand why I loved you. Or maybe most importantly, I will understand why I hated you more than anything else.

Composed by Chemi Ben David ˚ ¬   Set & Costumes by Gil Harush

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