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EXPOSED Contemporary Dance & Performance Workshop.

Gil Harush, is glad to introduce the professional workshop EXPOSED for professional dancers, semi-professionals and students. The workshop has been invited to different countries in EU and USA and since 2012, and every summer, hosting excellent dancers at the house of “Bat-Sheva” dance company in Suzanne Dellal center for dance and theater, Tel Aviv.


The aim of the workshop is to expose the participants to different dance ideas, techniques, and elements of performance and presence-being on stage, intensively. The workshop length is between three days to two weeks, minimum three hours a day. The values of the workshop is to present and expose the participants to Harush's ways of creating and working in the studio, in a module of a creation process. The workshop is leaded by Gil Harush and at times assisted by Harush's dancers.


Harush offers an intense workshop which combines different dance styles: A personal "mix" comprising modern-ballet, release techniques, contemporary dance and elements from the "Oldies". Indeed, those are the styles that Harush experienced, learned and is working with dancers and students. Trained body = Trained mind. The workshop emphasis is about attaining the largest range of qualities and dynamics, experiencing the most organic way to connect between your feelings, thoughts and movement, by working on the links between set material to improvisation. The ultimate goal is finding an individual way to express the being and the personality through the body. In Harush's work, dancing is about expressing the 'movement of the soul'. He puts the main accent on the expression of the body and on deep understanding of each movement phrase. Mainly, it is “getting into” Harush's dance language.

Characteristics, Ranges and Oppositions

Next to the individual work, there will be a time given for Meeting the others: The group will be divided into couples, in order to focus on contact-partnering work. The aim is to experience Harush's ways of connecting two characters. In other words, it illustrates his way of creating a conversation. During the workshop, we aim to meet most of our partners and experience physical conversations in trios, quartets and more.

From Details to Extreme

While focusing on dance phrases and movement combinations, we explore the range between the smallest movement, the most precise details, to the largest-extreme movement. We search for gaining tools that will help us to control the transitions between the "minimum" to the "maximum". The virtuosity of the detail, the virtuosity of the total-body movement. From the center of the body - far out to it's limits.

Group discussions which presents a specific subjects and sources of inspiration

Creations by Gil Harush are triggered, among other fields, by ideas and inspirations from the fields of psychotherapy, and the studies he enrolled in- “Body and Soul Balance”. Throughout his workshops, Harush guides the dancers by helping them incorporate a character while sharing information, theories, ideas, specific situations and life experiences. The choices of music, images and videos are shared and discussed within the group. The outcome leads to instructed improvisation and physical tryouts in a given space.​

Ground & Sky

We explore and divide the space into heights and levels, the image is a building. We experience ways of moving between the buildings floors and develop awareness and control of where we position our bodies on the vertical line that our body is drawing in space. We dance in each floor from the lowest to the highest possible, experiencing the contemporary ways of moving between them. Get underground and Jump-touch the ceiling.

Flying in Space

Exploring the space by movement. We focus on finding the right way for each particular body, to move as largely as possible in space with minimum effort. With a phrase of only three movements only, we might cross distances that we wouldn't expect. We aim to fly freely, while we control the and aware of the space we leave behind us.

The workshops by Gil Harush can lead different results:

Educational experience | Creative presentation at the end of the workshop | Research which leads to a future creation process.


In the gallery below, photos from workshops with:

Ballet de l'Opera National du Rhin | Ballet Prejlocaj | Ballet Junior de Genève  | "Open Look" Festival Saint Petersburg

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