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Choreographer  ˚ ¬  Psychotherapist

Gil˚ ¬ Harush

Portrayed as one of the most prominent choreographers of the new Israeli generation. He  presented his work in the Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv and the La Mama Theater in New York City, as well as in Ukraine, France, Netherlands, Russia, South America, South Korea and more. Harush’s work is unique in its genre for two reasons.

The first one is his distinct Israeli style. He brings the force and vitality of Israeli movement, which is rooted in both rage and tenderness of the dance culture. He rises from this well-established language and explores the body, the presence, and space, taking it yet one step further into madness, passion, and vulnerability.

The second one is his quest for sense. Harush’s pieces are profoundly dramatic, the excess and the lacking, he portrays it all. With every piece, he raises questions that are tied to our very existence, and he delivers in a constructed, complex and compelling narrative on our fears and our relationships. Femininity is at the center of Harush's work, but the male side, which is latent, hiding, is very much there as well. Harush’s work is poignant and very real. The bodies, the music, the entire esthetic of his work aim to remind us that we are very much alive and in pain and that all that everyone really wants in the end, is to be loved. - E. Fuksbrauner


"Harmony can only be attained when the complexitiesof real life situations are shown bluntly." Gil Harush

"His piece is nothing but emotion, from the beginning to the end. [...] we enjoy a dense choreography, a chiaroscuro scenography, his dance of gestures, postures, sights, sense of touch, trance, unbalances, trust. [...] An intense moment"

"Harush is touching this point of balance, this secret, which is coiled to the deepest spot of everyone's heart, this was his goal. He used a speech by Michelle Obama, called the creation THE HEART OF MY HEART, and our hearts and awareness with him".

"Harush, aided by the superb performance of the dancers, is holding the talent of making us experience a movement which circulates as naturally as the blood in the veins..."

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